Reston Art Gallery & Studios

At Lake Anne Village Center in Reston, VA

Wayne Schiffelbein

I graduated from the University of Michigan with the degree of B. Architecture when the Architecture & Design building housed both the architecture program and the school of design, which included all the art, industrial design, pottery and sculpture programs. While attending graduate school in New York City in 1964, I visited the Guggenheim Museum's retrospective show featuring Alexander Calder. I spent hours observing and moving among the various mobiles which were hanging everywhere in that very dynamic exhibition space and never have forgotten the experience.

Now retired as an architect, I have the time to indulge my artistic interests, experimenting with both positive and negative space and movement within and outside those spaces. I have selected aluminum, along with occasional stainless steel wire, to devise sculptures of various sizes, some of which have a stabile base and others (mobiles), which hang in space from a ceiling and move about freely. I have added some found or handmade objects in primary shapes (spheres, cubes, cylinders) and used largely the color of mill aluminum mixed with primary colors (red, blue and yellow).

Samples of Wayne's work are below. Please click on a thumbnail to see the full image.