Reston Art Gallery & Studios

At Lake Anne Village Center in Reston, VA

Roberta Thole

With a collegiate teaching background in Art History, Humanities and Drawing, Roberta Thole developed a strong interest in Classical symbolism.  Her painting challenge:  to visually contain time past and time present, using the imagery and ideas of Greco-Roman antiquity, while creating work that is distinctly contemporary and abstract.

Thole's canvasses combine geometric and architectural elements that are richly layered and textured, resembling  ancient frescoed walls and ruins.  Exploring the use of copper and fresco, and returning to a love of nature, have expanded the range and sense of the timelessness of these complex works.  All of her art expresses her commitment to the process of painting.

Samples of Roberta's work are below. Please click on a thumbnail to see the full image.