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Introducing Pat’s Crafts for Kids

Pat Macintyre, Director and owner of the Reston Art Gallery, is introducing an exciting new program and handbook to help children produce their own artistic craftwork.

The handbook she had authored is entitled Pat's Crafts for Kids, and some of the pages are represented in the graphics below. This easy-to-use, step-by-manual is great for helping kids learn, "hands on", how to creatively craft a variety of costumes, ornaments, toys, and other fun items to accompany the many holidays and special occasions throughout the year. Owning a copy of her book guarantees families many hours of sharing quality time.

The price of Pat's Craft for Kids handbook is $25 + postage.

If you are interested in getting a copy, please contact Pat Macintyre:

Gallery Phone:  703-481-8156 (please call during gallery hours)
or email Pat directly:

More about the author, Pat Macintyre:

Pat Macintyre, graduate of the Corcoran School of Art, has been teaching young children arts and crafts for almost 45 years in Reston, Virginia. Countless youngsters and their parents have had the pleasure of Pat’s patient guidance in having fun with arts and crafts for many holidays and special occasions. Sharing her time and talent for her free children’s art program has helped strengthen community awareness of art and the place it has in our lives to enrich and beautify.

Pat and her husband Steve Macintyre received high honors when they were awarded the Fairfax County Art Philanthropy award in 2014. She also has received a “Best of Reston” award for her tireless work with children. A founder of The League of Reston Artists, she has also served as an advisor and mentor on many artistic endeavors.